Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Four Weeks Prior to move in

*Set the date to move in.

  • Call to change utilities in your name. Cable, Phone, Internet,Gas, Sewer, Water, Cell phone, Trash, Security System, Propane etc.

  • File for a change of address.

  • Create a change of address log by writing down who you receive mail from each day.  Then contact those organizations with your change of address.

  • Notify Some people who might need your address change.

Accountant/tax preparer

Alumni associations


Babysitter/ child care provider

Banks (auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity, IRA’s, mortgage, safe deposit box, savings account)


Business cards (order new ones)

Cell phone provider

Child care/ daycare


Courts, especially for traffic tickets or local disputes

Credit bureaus

Credit card issuers


Department of Motor Vehicles

Diaper service


Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery

Family members (Suggestion only not required)

Health clubs

House cleaning service

House of worship

Insurance providers (auto, health, life, other vehicles)

IRS (form 8822)

Lawn care

Luggage tags (replace existing ones)

Magazine subscriptions

New business cards

New employer

Newspaper subscriptions

Old employer


Parent-teacher association


Pet sitter/ dog walker/ pet day care

Pharmacy (BONUS: get year-to-date expense summary for taxes)

Physical therapist

Physician (BONUS: get referral for new location)

Post office

Professional organizations

Retirement plan holders

Return address labels (order new ones)

Schools (BONUS: get copies of transcripts)

Snow removal service

Social Security Administration

Swimming pool maintenance (pool cleaning, pool opening or closing)

Swimming pool memberships

Veterinarian BONUS get vet records and recommendations

Water delivery service

  • Hire Movers or Secure the Truck

  • Recruit help for the move.

  • Get the essential Moving Supplies.




Packing Materials

Permanent Marker etc.

*Make a moving organizer.

make a moving organizer for all your

important notes, receipts, and important


*Start Packing

*Start separating cherished items from the non-essential.

2 Weeks Prior to Move in

·      Make arrangements to return items.

Carpet Shampooer

Items borrowed

Cable Satellites, Cable Modems

Library Books

Movie Rentals

Unwanted purchases

Trash cans

  • Make arrangements to retrieve items.

Dry Clean items

Items lent to friends and neighbors

*Open bank accounts near your new address.

*Create Open Me first boxes for individual rooms including


*Finish off packing for non-living rooms

*Start eating up perishable foods from the fridge and freezer.

*Consider Holding a packing party.

*Hold a Yard Sale.

One Week Prior to Move in

*Confirm start time, current home address and future home

address with movers.

*Recruit friends over for moving day madness

*Make Arrangements for child or pet sitting

One Day Prior to Move in

·      Make sure everyones cell phone is charged

·    Have everyone pack one to two suitcases (no more).

Personal belongings

Clothes (at least 3 days worth)

Tooth brushes



Favorite toys for the kids

Moving Day

*Start Early

*Take all the garbage out of the house

*Make sure drivers have your cell phone number and you

have theirs, along with their names.

*Be Available for questions

*Perform final checks prior to leaving current home.

Don’t Stress (too much)

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