Obama Plan help for upside down homeowners in Arizona

by Jamie Namock on November 1, 2011

The Obama administration announced long awaited details of an expansion of the HARP program, a program that helps Home Owners refinance.  This program has been extremely frustrating to execute the past few years in Arizona with so many homeowners being “underwater” on their mortgages.  Finally something has come that will help the people that have made their payments on-time and stayed current.  Below is a summary of the program and who is eligible.
This is a productive change that will help many Home Owners in Arizona, if you or someone you know might benfit please forward this email!
Summary of Eligibility:
1)   It’s a Fannie or Freddie backed home loan.
2)   The loan closed 5/31/2009 or earlier.
3)   Loan-to-Value should not matter (no appraisal).*
4)   Credit History should not matter.*
5)   Must have no mortgage-lates in the past 6 months.

*Final guidelines come out 11/15.


Courtesy of Tracy Tucker Nova Home loans

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Teresa Namock 01.20.12 at 5:30 am

There is not one of his plans that has ever worked!

Jamie Namock 01.23.12 at 6:02 pm

Thank you for your comments

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